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Faustina's Frame Shop is owned by Jody K. Horn, a Certified Picture Framer accredited by the Professional Picture Framers Association.

shoe buckles 001.jpg

Backing up 33 years of custom picture framing is an education in Art History and Museum Studies and working as a Museum Collection Manager. Framing is designed by exclusively employing current conservation processes and materials. Past projects include framings for private and public settings. Whether displayed on the wall of a house, or office, or part of an exhibition, all artwork is given the same careful and safe treatment.

Faustina's excells in balancing aesthetic needs with the optimal protection of both 2D and 3D art. It doesn't matter if it's flat paper-based drawings or photos, paintings on a canvas, or 3-dimensional objects demanding a shadow box, the package created for the display is produced at conservation-grade levels.
(Antique Shoe Buckles handsewn on velvet covered board 
and mounted in a built shadowbox frame

shoe buckles 005.jpg
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