Framed Rare Andy Warhol Paper Dress

Framing of Old Christening Gown

3 moldings stacked to be 1 frame

Framed Butterfly specimens

Oil painting on canvas presented in a Float Frame

A mat board cut to frame 25 Christmas cards!

Artwork floated on top of mat board to show deckled edge.

Commission of original Margaret Wilson artwork

Archival Stretching of needlework

Group wall hangings

Framed collection honeymoon memories

Shadow box of vacation treasures

Shadow box frame of graduation composition

Framing of signed and numbered limited edition prints

Framing of old oil painting on canvas

Custom framing showing flood picture designed with water logged mat board

Shadow box of Turkish silver necklace

3 pictures, 1 frame

Framed baseball jersey

Antique postcard in an antique frame